Ever felt your tummy grumble at lunchtime during a Cleanse Day and thought to yourself ‘No-one will notice if I sneak in this slither of cake or a bit of last night’s leftovers’? Just like that, your cleanse is over before it’s really even begun! Wouldn’t it help if your best bud was by your side, like the proverbial angel on your shoulder, telling you ‘I’m cleansing too – don’t let me down!’

Sharing your health and wellness journey with someone close to you, or someone with similar goals, is such a great motivational tool. The best way to take the pressure off your own health and wellness goals is to set an example for someone else to achieve theirs. This is why we suggest grabbing a mate from the IsaBody Challenge® community, or even someone you connected with during CleANZe Day to help you with your weekly cleanse or fortnightly double cleanse.

Now, we’re not suggesting you keep a 24-hour watch on your cleanse partner, but sharing your daily battles and wins is often enough to help each other stick to the system that works! Here are a couple of ways to cleanse better with your buddies.

Mealtime Msg

The aroma of a delicious brekky, lunch or dinner at home or the office can seem irresistible. A little message of support – or a cry for help – during these tempting times could be all the difference between a successful or unsuccessful Cleanse Day.

Stick to the System

Come up with a Cleanse Day checklist of Cleanse for Life™, Isagenix Snacks™, IsaDelight™ chocolates, and Whey Thins™ or Harvest Thins™ that you can both follow and stick to it! That way you’ll remember to have your Cleanse Day essentials to nourish your body and curb your cravings.

Wins are Worth Celebrating

Stopped yourself from delving into the office lunch or grabbing a handful of chips from the snack supplier? That’s certainly worth bragging about! Any achievement on a Cleanse Day is worthy of a celebratory message or video to your partner in crime, so you both get to feel the positive vibes that fuel your motivation.

There are dozens of ways to cleanse to success with friends or family. Just like an Isagenix System, you can customise your experience to suit both yourself and your buddies to make cleansing the highlight of your week – and your health and wellness journey!