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PastaPasta is something many of us over indulge in over winter. There’s nothing wrong with this delicious, easy-to-prepare dish, except for the amount we serve up! It’s suggested that women eat one cup of cooked pasta and men one and a half to two cups, with a source of protein (e.g. 1 cup lean-mince-based Bolognese sauce) and at least 1 cup of vegetables or salad.Go one better with wholemeal, high fibre, or a new pasta called ‘SlimPasta’ and have this with ricotta or meat-filled ravioli and Napoli sauce.

Coffee 11726784 MedA hot cuppa during winter. Many of us slip into the habitual cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea over winter, which can very quickly stack on the calories. Instead of reaching for these calorie loaded drinks try choosing a delectable herbal tea, warm Ionix® Supreme, or Cleanse For Life™.


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