Cleansing vs. Cleanse for Life: Breaking Down Cleanse Days and How They Work

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Some call it intermittent fasting. We call them Cleanse Days. They’re a fantastic way to work toward losing weight, burning fat, and giving your body’s systems the chance to rid toxins naturally. You’ll hear a lot about Cleanse Days at Isagenix (if you haven’t already) and the impact they have on physical transformations. But, how they work can sometimes feel like a mystery, especially because we can’t see what’s going on inside our own bodies.

The Science and Structure of Cleanse Days

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Many seeking weight loss start out with the best intentions but will invariably have a hard time adhering to a weight loss diet that monotonously restricts their daily energy intake (1). Called continuous calorie restriction, most weight loss diets can fit under this definition. You can consume a heart-healthy diet, a Mediterranean diet, or even a low-carbohydrate diet, all effectively reducing the amount of food you eat each day.
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