In typical Aussie fashion, we’re all set for a wonderfully warm Australia Day! In IsaLife™ style, everyone will be looking to make the most of the Aussie sun. Of course, it’s crucial that you’re fuelled with the right nutrition, so you feel energised and ready to tackle anything the day throws at you.

Don’t settle for the easy option in search of an instant cool down or energy booster to stay on top of your game. Take the even easier – not to mention much healthier – option and allow Isagenix® to take the reins and safely navigate you through your holiday celebrations without the deflating post-holiday blowout.

It all comes down to timing. A little preparation can go a long way to a successful Aussie Day, so don’t sell yourself short! How exactly can you fit Isagenix into your Australia Day festivities? There are products to help you throughout the whole day, no matter what you get up to! Here are a few to get you started, but we challenge you to think of many more!

Thong Throwing

Any non-Australian reading this might be stunned with disbelief, but thong throwing competitions are a thing in the land down under. Believed to have been thought up by mischief-making cons that first arrived in Australia, the competition involves throwing thongs into bins placed at various distances to receive points. It’s as simple and laid back as it sounds, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Product of Choice: Ionix® Supreme will help you relax and stay calm while you prepare (and block out advice from onlooking competitors) for each throw.

Sweat it Out

There’s nothing quite like a game of backyard cricket or touch footy to celebrate our rich sporting history! It takes quite an effort to recreate famous sporting moments, so you’ll need to stay hydrated and on top of your game.

Product of Choice: AMPED™ Hydrate will help you maintain your level of performance throughout the day so you can keep up with the youngsters with bucketloads of energy.

Wind down your day

When the delicious BBQ, fruit platters and outdoor activities come to an end, it’s important to wind down and relax so your body can completely recover from a big day of shenanigans. Whether you choose a classic Aussie film like Crocodile Dundee or The Castle, or a fun family board game, use the time wisely to recuperate before returning to your normal daily routine.

Product of Choice: Hit the reset button on your journey with a delicious glass of Cleanse for Life™ to help nourish your body while it processes any impurities that you may have consumed throughout the day.

Set yourself up for Australia Day success with a little help from Isagenix. New Zealanders take note, Waitangi Day is less than two weeks away! How will you prepare to create a perfect national holiday?