Many people are experiencing amazing success with Isagenix. These three people reached the prestigious rank of Crystal Executive during June and July and earned themselves a cash bonus of $1000! Here’s what they had to say about how they got there…

“It took me about 10 weeks to get to Crystal Executive. I started on the 30 Day Nutritional Cleansing program and started telling all my friends about my progress and a few started to come on board. Then I decided to get a number of local businesses involved and before I knew it everyone started getting on board, getting healthy, losing weight and having fun. People love the products and the financial opportunities Isagenix can give them.” David Moore

“I started out by telling all my friends and family about Isagenix. I told as many people as I could and tried to find out which Isagenix products would suit them best. For example, if I met someone with low energy I’d talk to them about Ionix® Supreme. Different products appeal to different people. Following up is also really important, I made sure I followed up with everyone I spoke to.” Suzan Ou

“When I found isagenix I was unwell and my health was deteriorating. I met a lady who was having great results with Product B™. I felt sure it was going to work for me so I signed up that day.  After 10 days on the Isagenix products I felt amazing. People started asking me what I was doing as I looked so healthy. When I started with the business I set a goal of 10 names and the date 1 June 2012. I reached Crystal Executive by that date! Trust and belief in yourself is the key.” Jenny Roche

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