If you’re eagerly awaiting your first Isagenix® Program to arrive (or you have a new team member who is) now’s the time to get prepped for product success. You’re embarking on a very exciting journey and like any trip, it’s important to plan ahead. There will be some things you want to take with you (a positive attitude!) and some things you should leave behind (unhealthy habits).


Here’s a few pointers to get you prepared for your journey.

Whether you are starting out with the President’s Pak, 30-Day Starter Pak, or Energy & Performance President’s Pak, this journey will help you experience good health, healthy weight loss, energy and performance.

Cut it out!

If you consume unhealthy foods, today is the day to begin reducing your intake of sugary and fatty processed foods. Start this process by gradually cutting back on nutritionally deficient foods:

  • If you’re going out to lunch with co-workers, skip the cheeseburger and enjoy a grilled chicken salad with only half the dressing you normally use
  • If you don’t seem to get enough water in your day, make an effort to add an extra glass or two into your routine as this will be important on your upcoming Shake and Cleanse Days
  • Instead of choosing a sugary snack, eat a fresh pear or celery sticks with a tablespoon of peanut butter
  • Choose wholegrain bread instead of white bread
  • Wholegrain pasta is a delicious substitute for standard pasta
  • To help reinforce healthier habits, you may wish to write about your cleansing journey in a daily journal

If doing everything at once feels too overwhelming, cut back on one unhealthy food every day until you’ve received your products. This gradual substitution will allow your palate and body to better adapt to a healthier diet, which makes it easier for you when it’s time to begin your Nutritional Cleansing journey!

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