You’ve probably asked the question ‘Why do I need to take supplements if I eat well?’ Or maybe you’ve glanced in a health food store or at the supplement wall at the local pharmacy and wondered ‘Do I need any of those?’ You’re not alone! There is a lot of confusion around what supplements to take and whether they are required to achieve optimal nutrition. As a result, there are often myths around supplements that come up from time to time but this article is designed to address some of these myths and provide evidence to support including supplements in your daily schedule to better your health.

Myth: There is a lack of evidence around the efficacy of many herbal supplements

Some of the criticism around supplements can be around the perceived ‘lack of evidence’ of the efficacy of their use. Evidence in complimentary medicine can be far more complex when compared to, say, pharmaceutical evidence. When looking at the evidence for a particular supplement, especially when it is a herbal ingredient, there are two types of evidence: traditional evidence, and scientific evidence. Traditional evidence is collected over time, where case studies and stories are gathered to form a body of evidence over many generations. And so often traditional evidence proves to be true when a scientific lens puts these nutrients and herbal ingredients to the test. There is always the need for more studies in this area of nutrition but rest assured that no nutrient is ever added to an Isagenix® product without evidence supporting its inclusion.

Myth: People who eat a healthy diet don’t need supplements

While most of us claim to eat a healthy, balanced diet every day, the reality is often less than ideal. Can you say with absolute certainty that you consistently eat two different types of fruit and five different types of vegetables without fail every day? Neither can we.

And even if you do have a healthy, conscious diet, there are many other factors that can get in the way of nutrient absorption. Some cooking methods, for instance, can destroy 100 percent of the available Vitamin C. Some natural compounds in foods, like tannins in tea and red wine can interfere with iron and zinc absorption. And certain medications can interfere with and compromise nutrient absorption and nutritional status. So, even if you do have a healthy diet, Isagenix supplements can provide an everyday safety net by providing a balance of the nutrients your body needs.

And let’s not forget to mention adaptogens! For those who might be unfamiliar with these botanical ingredients, adaptogens are natural plant substances that increase the body’s ability to cope with internal and external stresses and normalise body functions. They’re entirely safe and have no negative side effects and supplements can deliver these nutrients that are often no longer available in the Western diet.

Taking Complete Essentials™ with IsaGenesis™ ensures that you get all the nutrients that you need in the right amounts, in a convenient day and night dose.

Myth: Taking supplements is risky business

We will resist the urge to say that taking any other supplement (that isn’t made by us!) is risky because that’s not always the case. There are some incredible companies doing great things as far as quality assurance goes. But it is worth mentioning that some companies are not as diligent as some others in their sourcing of quality ingredients, testing of raw materials, through to their finished product verification processes and quality assurance standards. Recently, findings were published in the Integrative Medicine journal that herbal supplements were a significant potential source of heavy metal contamination. How can we be so sure of our supplement safety? Our rigorous Quality Assurance processes. See What It Means To Have ‘No-Compromise’ Quality.

Here at Isagenix, we are pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality, efficacious supplements that are formulated with optimal health in mind. Make the decision to try them today to feel the Isagenix difference for yourself!