Promotions are a key incentive that can help you jump-start your success. That’s why we’re excited to announce the Double Product Introductory Bonus (PIB) promotion has been extended until 4 August 2013! If you’re ready to earn some extra cash and fuel your future success, the Double PIB promotion can get you there!

Here’s how it works…

To qualify
Personally enrol two or more Associates on Autoship with a qualifying pak or program* in the same commission week.

Once qualified
Once you have enrolled two active Autoship Associates in one commission week (You+2), you’ll earn Double PIBs on every Associate that enrols on Autoship with a qualifying pak that week. With no limit to the number of new Associates you can enrol your earning potential is LIMITLESS.

*Qualifying Paks and Programs
  • Energy & Performance Pak ($15 PIB) Now $30 PIB
  • Youthful Ageing ($15 PIB) Now $30 PIB
  • 30-Day Starter Pak ($25 PIB) Now $50 PIB
  • 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program ($25 PIB) Now $50 PIB
  • President’s Pak ($80 PIB) Now $160 PIB
  • Product B President Pak ($80 PIB) Now $160 PIB