“The 5 Minute Motivator,” a book written by Chiropractor and Isagenix Star Consultant Dr. Eric Kaplan, has hit No. 1 as the best-selling book in the “Mind, Body and Connection” category on Amazon.com. Dr. Kaplan devoted one chapter to Isagenix products and the system in the book.

Dr. Kaplan, also Amazon.com’s No. 1 best-selling author in that category for “5 Minutes to Wellness,” (available on IsaSalesTools.com.au) is thrilled to have achieved “No. 1 Seller” for the second time on Amazon.com. Dr. Kaplan was a featured speaker at 2012 “Unlock Your Future” New Year Kick Off where he shared his tips for personal growth on stage.

Isagenix Co-Founder Kathy Coover supports Dr. Kaplan and the book sharing her own thoughts:

“Is it possible to invest 300 seconds with a book and receive a life-changing idea that can redirect your life? Such a book is Dr. Eric Kaplan’s, The 5 Minute Motivator. As the co-founder of a dynamic growing company, thousands of Associates and customers look to me for direction and motivation. So who motivates the motivator? Dr. Kaplan motivates me. He helps the reader realize in short 300-second chapters that the power of your mind, your words, your choices, your daily actions can change your life. I especially enjoy the chapters on how to turn back the clock with tips on youthful aging. I’m motivated to live life to the fullest and help others achieve their dreams.”

To take a look at or purchase “The 5 Minute Motivator,” please visit IsaSalesTools.com.au.