Isagenix launched the Basic Training Boot Camp pilot program June 21, 2016, and it’s already a huge hit! Below is everything you need to know about Basic Training Boot Camp!

Who can participate in Basic Training Boot Camp?
Due to the fact that this is currently a pilot program, only Members in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, and New Zealand may participate at this time.

Where do I register for Boot Camp?Screen-Shot-2016-06-24-at-3.51.23-PM-300x128
The entire Basic Training Boot Camp program lives in the Associate Back Office. Simply log in to your Back Office on a computer, tablet, or browser on your mobile device, click the ‘Training Center’ tab on the top right corner, and select the orange ‘Enter’ button under the Basic Training Boot Camp logo. Here you are able to click the ‘Opt In’ box on the left side of the page, which will turn into a check mark once it’s selected. Now you’re in! You’ll receive a welcome email shortly.

What do I have to do to successfully complete Basic Training Boot Camp and earn my recognition?
Watch each weekly video, click the ’Drill Assignment’ link and take the survey, and submit! That’s it, you’re done! Check back each Monday for a new training video and Drill Assignment.

What if I didn’t receive a welcome email when I opted in to the Basic Training Boot Camp?
You may have previously opted out of receiving Isagenix communications. If you want to receive Boot Camp communications, you will need to opt back in. Instructions on how to do so can be found here: Back Office support. Also, you may need to check your spam folder.

What if I don’t want to receive any communications but still want to participate in Basic Training Boot Camp?
You do not need an email or special link to access each week’s training. Simply check your Back Office each Monday 8am ET (Tuesday 10pm Sydney Time).

Do I have to purchase products to complete the training?
No purchase is required to participate and successfully complete the Boot Camp Training program. Simply watch the video and submit the Drill Assignment survey by Sunday 11:59 p.m. ET (Monday 1:59pm Sydney Time) each of the six weeks of training to qualify for recognition.

Do I have to sign up for Healthy Mind and Body and the IsaBody Challenge® to participate?
No, you do not. These programs plug you in to the Isagenix community, provide additional support, and enhance your product experience. Though they are not required for Basic Training Boot Camp participation, they are recommended to ensure you have the best product experience possible.

When I clicked to see my Drill Assignment, a SurveyMonkey link popped up. Do I need to complete this, too?
In some cases, a SurveyMonkey prompt to create your own survey has popped up. There is no need to complete this. Proceed ahead to complete the SurveyMonkey with the ’Drill Assignment’ header at the top. Once the Isagenix survey has been completed, you have successfully completed your Drill Assignment.

Is there a certain time frame I need to complete this training in order to earn recognition?
Register by June 30, 2016, and complete the entire training program by July 31, 2016, to earn your recognition. Dog tags will be provided for those who attend Celebration or will be mailed out to you.

Can I complete my Basic Training Boot Camp on my phone?
Yes, but you must use the full site in an actual web browser rather than in your Isagenix app. See image:




For additional assistance or to ask any further questions, please contact Isagenix Customer Service at 1300 651 979 or