During such uncertain times, many businesses are feeling the pinch as they search for new ways to take their services online and provide flexibility for their employees to #StayHomeStayHealthy. In other words, people are finally getting to taste the lifestyle of a network marketer like our very own Graham Fyfe.

Despite being one of the very fortunate people whose full-time nine-to-five hasn’t felt the strain of the current global pandemic, Graham has continued the momentum of his Isagenix® side hustle. After qualifying for the Crystal Reset Bonus, the Scottish ex-pat then rank advanced to Crystal Executive a week later. Since then, he’s found success in the Manager and Director’s Leadership Pools throughout January and February.

Fortunately for Graham, his experience of life as a professional soccer player has helped prepare him to overcome adversity. “Things happen in the world and how you respond to that is massive,” he says. “In soccer, you could get dropped or injured, and it’s all about how you bounce back.”

While Graham has maintained the same routine and balance of his day-to-day life, he has adapted his Isagenix business strategies and techniques to stay in momentum. By stepping out of his comfort zone, he’s discovered new ways to add value to his business that could also work once the world returns to ‘normality’.

“There’s a lot of free online workshops at the moment about working out and eating at home, so I’m trying to incorporate those into my business where possible,” says Graham. “With so many people losing jobs at the moment, I’ve had to be more open with conversations around money which have always been a stumbling block of mine.”

Graham’s reluctance to talk about the financial side of Isagenix stems from his childhood. Growing up in a single-parent family in a council estate in Scotland, money had never been a massive factor in his life. However, he’s now beginning to realise that if you put in the work, you deserve to be compensated for it, because it may help you when you need it in times like this.

“This doesn’t seem like something that’s going away too quickly, so if you have spare time, I’d really hone in on the skills you need to build a business,” says Graham. “It’s not difficult work, but it is work, and you have to put in the time, so if something like this happens again, you’ll be ready to handle it.”

Although Graham is building his Isagenix business to help pay for extra curricular activities for his two kids and protecting his family from any future uncertainties, he also dreams of one day following his passion of sports coaching.

“Sport in Australia is far too expensive. I want to start up a free soccer academy for kids from single-parent families and those who can’t afford the training that some others are able to get. That would be awesome.”