They say that becoming a parent changes who you are and it couldn’t be any more true for Martin Schoidtz. Before becoming a father, Martin was so caught up with work and supporting his wife through her pregnancy that he never made time for exercise, apart from catching a few waves with his surfboard twice – or sometimes once – a month.

As a yo-yo dieter, Martin had followed his Isagenix® system on and off to prepare for a stretch of weddings and again to reset his health after letting himself go on a three-month holiday through Europe with his wife Tash. Despite lacking consistency, Martin had achieved fantastic results on numerous occasions.

But his perspective on health and fitness changed when his daughter Freya came along.

“I’d been using the products and signed up for the IsaBody Challenge® for over three years,” says Martin. “This time when I did the IsaBody Challenge, Freya gave me the focus I needed and the motivation to make sure I stay fit and healthy for her.”

Having just turned 40, Martin realised his body couldn’t ‘automatically’ keep the body he had when he was younger. So, he committed to a gym close to home while trying to keep up his surfing every weekend.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing for Martin; an obscure injury threatened to undo all his hard work.

“I turned down a morning surf to take my dog for a run,” Martin explains. “When he started playing with a couple of other dogs, one of them ran straight into my knee and completely dislocated it!”

Gutted at the thought of being unable to train for months, after only a week he was back in the gym, doing what little he could. The accountability of the IsaBody Challenge not only helped him have the best recovery possible but also maintain his results.

But it’s not his transformation that Martin is most proud of. “Being a healthy role model for Freya and Tash means everything to me,” he says. “I just want to be the healthiest I can be for Freya, to play with her, to carry her and to protect her.”

Martin and Tash’s new healthy habits as parents have allowed them to be a more active family, which many of their friends find hard to believe.

Martin believes the consistency and mindset of the IsaBody Challenge was key to his success and could be the answer for many new parents in a similar position.

“The longer we use the Isagenix system, the more good habits we develop as parents,” Martin says. “Being consistent is one of the hardest things for people like me, so having a challenge there at any time throughout the year makes a world of difference.”