Owning your own business is the best chance for someone to achieve the perfect work and life balance. Bernadette and Jimmy Williams had owned multiple franchises for over ten years. Still, they couldn’t find the work-life balance they needed to keep up with three busy teenage boys.

They thought by selling down to just three stores, they’d become less busy and have more time for the family. But that wasn’t the case. Working in takeaway franchises, getting kids to school and sport, and working long hours, they gravitated towards the convenience of the takeaway food lifestyle.

Over feeling sick and tired, Jimmy and Bernadette were looking to make a change to their health. Little did they know that their own drive-thru business would gift him the perfect opportunity to better their health.

“We had a customer come through our drive-thru, and he was telling Jimmy about these products that could help you lose weight and feel better,” says Bernadette. “Jimmy pretty much passed his credit card out the window and ordered a pack.”

While it was a quick decision to start their healthy change with Isagenix®, they were also quick to notice the changes in themselves. They soon realised that there were more people out there craving a healthy nutrition solution.

“Franchising had always been my thing, I love talking to people and I loved the business model back then,” says Jimmy. “When it came to helping people, Bernadette was born to do that, so the Isagenix business grew organically.”

When Bernadette realised that this was her best vehicle to help people become healthier and create an extra income, it became her new purpose. In just six weeks, they had reached Executive. “After hitting Executive, we went down to an IsaU event to see some leaders speak. From that moment we said let’s really dive into this.”

Since taking the plunge into the Isagenix business, they haven’t looked back. Having sold their final franchise in early 2019, they’ve now reached Isagenix Legacy Club status. This milestone is just one of many incredible highlights they’ve experienced with Isagenix.

“Going to our first Global Celebration as part of an IsaDerby trip was phenomenal,” says Jimmy. “We’ve been on a few Top Achievers trips too, and the learning and friendship you build on during those experiences are what makes the Isagenix family second to none.”

Although Bernadette and Jimmy have been well recognised in the community for years, there may be another wave of Williams’ on the way. With their eldest son recently becoming a Consultant, his younger twin brothers aren’t too far behind.

Now that Bernadette and Jimmy have reached one of the most significant milestones at Isagenix, their work isn’t over yet.

“It’s about cheering everyone on, no matter what stage they’re at with their business,” says Jimmy. “It’s nice to be at the top of the mountain, but unless we’re there with friends and family, you’re not going to have the same amount of fun.

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