jenpatchIsagenix has solutions to transform lives. Thousands of people around the world have changed both their health and their finances with Isagenix®.

In addition to the stubborn kilos that can stick around after pregnancy, families often feel the financial pinch and there’s sometimes no alternative but to return to work. Mums are now discovering the alternative for both their weight loss goals and putting more cash in their pockets — building successful businesses from home with Isagenix!

After the birth of her second child, Jen Patch knew that she had the best nutrition on hand to help her get back to her pre baby body. “From a health perspective, it’s so reassuring to know when you want to get back in shape that you have this powerful tool to look and feel amazing again. Right through pregnancy, before during and after, you can give your body the best nutrition with Isagenix. I know for me as a mum when I’m busy and tired, to be able to have a nutritious shake in 30 seconds is invaluable!”

As a leader in Isagenix and full time mum Jen has her hands full, but with Isagenix she no longer has to work full time as a physiotherapist. “Every day I think how fortunate we are not to have to wake up in the morning to a mad rush to get on the road to make it to that 9 to 5 job. Knowing that income is coming in every week is so comforting. I know that if this week for some reason we can’t work the money is still coming in. If the kids are sick I don’t have to ask my boss for the day off and we can take holidays at any time. What other industry do you know that allows you to do that?”

“We’re taught to get a degree to have a job that you work in until you retire. If our children want to do that then that’s fine but I want them to choose something because they love it, not because they have to. Isagenix is a great example of being involved in something that we love to do and are so passionate about! We want to help people enjoy great health and the same freedom and satisfaction that we do.”

“I want to show mums that they don’t need to be torn between work and parenting. They can stay at home with their children and be fulfilled by knowing they are making a difference by helping their friends and families get healthy. When you see these amazing health changes in the people you care about nothing feels better than that! You can be healthy, happy and create wealth for your family from home. You can make a difference in someone’s life and repeat that over and over, it doesn’t get better than that.”