As an apprentice carpenter, Morgan relied on coffee and energy drinks to get him through the long hours. At just 21, he had dreams and vision but lacked the energy or motivation to make his dreams a reality. “I lived pay check to pay check,” he says. “The only thing that kept me going was knowing that if I worked hard now, I could eventually become a builder and potentially retire before I turned 50. I thought that was as good as it was going to get.”

Feeling demotivated and uninspired, Morgan was open to the idea of change. Introduced to Isagenix by a close friend, he admits to being interested in the opportunity from the get-go. “One thing I knew for sure was that he was living the life I wanted and I was miserable,” explains Morgan “I knew I couldn’t go on feeling this way and was keen to learn more about Isagenix.”

At the age of 23, Morgan was all in, dedicating his time to helping others discover a life of health, wellness and opportunity. “Since May 2017, I’ve been working my Isagenix business full time and loving every minute of it,” he says. “My days are structured like any other job but the difference is, I can help change lives with Isagenix while poolside in Bali or on the back of a boat in Croatia.”

Linking up with the START movement, Morgan went to work and it wasn’t long before he hit the Crystal Executive milestone. “Hitting Crystal Executive is where my business really began,” he says. “I used to think it was the end goal but it’s really just the beginning. I also recently earned my spot to Global Top Achievers in Maui which was another huge milestone that I worked towards.”

Setting goals to keep momentum, Morgan recently embarked on casting a 10-year vision. “My future is filled with team growth, contribution, inspiration, charity and simply being a voice for young people,” he shares. “I know none of it would be possible without the START movement. What START has with the is nothing short of outstanding and provides every single person out there a vehicle to own their live and live with true purpose.”