Christmas is a physically, mentally and emotionally draining time of year. The rollercoaster of energy that you endure throughout the month of December inevitably ends with a crash that always seems to strike when you return to your normal work or study routine!

What if you didn’t have to feel tired, sluggish or bloated after the holiday season? Rather than sitting back and waiting for the misery to strike, take the initiative and put in place a preventative routine so you can attack your New Year resolutions with complete commitment and dedication. The best way to set yourself up for success this summer is with regular Isagenix® Cleanse Days.

I know what you’re thinking, intermittent fasting means missing out on all the great holiday spreads. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Taking the time to schedule your Cleanse Days around your delicious festive feasts will make sure you can indulge appropriately while keeping your health and wellness goals intact. Not only will you stay on track with your goals but cleansing also comes with other benefits that will pay dividends throughout the chaos of Christmas.

Cleanse Day products like Cleanse for Life™, Ionix® Supreme and e+ are all rich in adaptogens which can improve mental and physical performance while also reducing fatigue (1,2). They’re the natural and effective way to manage holiday stress this Christmas.

Keeping up with friends and family over the festive seasons leaves little time for some people to complete their typical workout routines. Don’t undo your months of hard work with a few cheat weeks at the end of the year. Cleansing has also been found to help lose visceral fat while also preserving muscle which is key for long-term weight maintenance (3).

Perhaps the most beneficial part of cleansing around Christmas celebrations is the appetite reset that occurs. When there’s a plethora of food on offer for Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, it can be easy to reward your hard work in the gym and discipline in the kitchen by overindulging. While you may think that you’ll be hungrier following a Cleanse Day, research suggests that you may feel less hungry the following day! (4) Showing that cleansing is the secret to stop you from going back for seconds or filling up on the delicious desserts on offer…

With so many incredible benefits to be had, why not kick start your New Year’s resolutions with a cleanse? Join the entire AU and NZ Isagenix community for CleANZe Day on 9 January 2019! Don’t forget to share your CleANZe Day success and tips on Facebook and Instagram by tagging us @IsagenixANZ with #cleanseday.


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