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  • IT News — From our technological successes to our upcoming upgrades, this category features info about what the Isagenix IT department has accomplished or planned.
  • Maintenance Alerts — In this category, we give you a heads up regarding upcoming scheduled maintenance. For example, if your site might not be available for a few hours because we’re doing a system update, we’ll give you advance notice here. In addition, when we’re currently working on a high-profile update, we’ll provide a description of the issue, what we’re doing to fix it, and what steps we’re taking to avoid the issue in the future.
  • Quick Fixes — Sometimes we have to act quickly to resolve an issue. In this      category, you can find post-deployment information about the changes we just implemented.
  • Known Issues — This page includes a list of the technical issues we’re aware of but haven’t fixed yet. When you experience an issue, please check this page before reporting it.

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