IsaBody-Logo-WebWith just one month left of the IsaBody Challenge, now’s the time to start planning your winning essay. You’ve done the hard yards and achieved your best results ever!

As we move into the Christmas period use your time-off wisely and start writing your IsaBody Challenge essay.

What your essay should contain:

Your goal – Whether it was to run a marathon, lose 20 kilos or improve your skin tone, let the judges know what you were aiming to achieve when you started your challenge.

Your journey – What did the IsaBody Challenge journey mean to you? What were the challenges you overcame and how?

Your results – Did you hit your goal and how did it feel?

Your future – How has your IsaBody Challenge journey changed your life?

Remember, your essay is 50% of your overall score so take some time to plan it out and really think about how the challenge helped change your lifestyle.

Your photos make up the other 50% of your score. Make sure you get someone else to take a full body photo for you. Show your whole body from top to toe and make sure the photo is clear. With the amazing results you’ve achieved you’ll want to show the judges you’re a winner!

To be eligible for the 2013 IsaBody Challenge upload your ‘after’ photos and essay on or before 12 January 2014. Good luck! For more information about the IsaBody Challenge visit