Can this be? Summer is just around the corner! Are you ready to be in the best shape of your life while enjoying the beach or hanging out with your friends and family?

If you’re still feeling a bit self-conscious, we have three tips to help you feel confident and love how you feel.

Tip 1: Say ‘goodbye’ to toxins

The food you place in your body is an exact mirror of your energy outcome. Therefore, if you’re feeling not-so-great, it’s probably because you’ve been consuming junk!

Starting an Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program is a great way to get ready for summer and effectively attain the physical, health and lifestyle change you want. Choose between the 9-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program or a 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program.

The versatile Programs are designed for those who want to lose weight by using a long-term, flexible program. Read here to get prepped for your Isagenix Program success!

Tip 2: Work it out

Working out is the ultimate energy boost. As you piece together your game plan for fitness success, remember that it’s extremely important to mix up your workouts. Otherwise you might hit a plateau.

Find an activity that – literally – moves you. Make it fun! If you enjoy being outside, go for a scenic jog or bike ride. If you prefer to tone certain parts of your body, strengthen your muscles by weightlifting. (Women especially: Don’t be afraid to lift weights! Weightlifting will build more muscle, which will help you burn more fat!)

Or, if you’re looking for a slower pace, give yoga a try, or take a walk on your gym’s treadmill with various inclines and speeds.

Either way, exercising is a sure ingredient in your recipe for a healthier body filled with more energy.

Tip 3: Plan ahead

For any weight transformation to be successful, plan your eating and workout routine ahead of time. Take 30 minutes out of your day to sit down on a Sunday afternoon – or any day of the week for that matter – and plan your meals and exercises over the next seven days. Just like budgeting your finances for success, the same is true for food and exercise planning.

Be sure to plan sensible meals that are high in protein and fibre and contain a balance of complete carbohydrates and good fats. Click here for 10 great recipe ideas!

Check out more easy and delicious recipe ideas here!

And of course, enjoy the summer of flaunting off your happy weight!