We’re having our best year ever and it’s all down to you, our Associates.

We’ve recently had some very exciting rank advancements and now have our very first 6 Star Golden Circle (150 cycles = approx earnings of $8100 per week) in Australia. Congratulations to David and Irene Miller for reaching this prestigious rank!

We also have another incredible success story with Bev and Anthony Woolhouse reaching 4 Star Golden Circle (60 cycles = approx earnings of $3240 per week) in the same week.

The team in Western Australia is going for gold, here’s what they had to say about their achievements…

David & Irene Miller, 6 Star Golden Circle
“What can I say, we are absolutely over the moon. Our success has definitely come off the back of David Wood’s training and the Bonus Pool. We’ve encouraged our team to take advantage of these amazing opportunities and it’s definitely paid off. The empowerment that David Wood has left us with and the excitement of earning extra dollars has got our team firing on all cylinders. Our next goal is to become the first Isagenix Millionaires in Australia!”


Bev & Anthony Woolhouse, 4 Star Golden Circle
“I’m so happy about reaching 4 Star Golden Circle. We had set a goal to reach this rank by 3rd February 2013 so to achieve this so early is amazing! Our team have been focusing on regular meetings. If we don’t have any guests attend we focus on business training instead. I’m training my team on how they can run meetings themselves, it’s duplicable. We’re now concentrating on cementing our 4 Star status. My next goal is to get a world ranking in the Top 100 Income Earners, that would be fabulous!”