There are many lessons to be learnt from the world of sport. Those same lessons have spurred former Olympic basketballer and Team Isagenix® athlete Shelley Gorman to business success with her partner Kylie Jackes as Personal Trainers and Public Speakers for their business Urban Warriors. The Australian basketball Hall of Famer has experienced all the highs and lows that come with playing sport at an elite level which have since fuelled her motivation to succeed outside her sporting environment and as an Isagenix Associate.

“I had been a member of the Australian team for ten years and thought the 2000 Sydney Olympics would be an amazing way to finish my career, however, the coach had other plans,” says Shelley. “In 1998 he met with me and proceeded to tell me that I was no longer good enough to play for Australia!”

“I was absolutely shocked and devastated. My initial reaction was to quit and walk away from the game I loved,” she says. “But I still had a fire in my belly and wanted it more than anything, so I started to really get to work on myself and my game and gave it everything I had.”

“Then two months before the Sydney Olympics I ended up making the team and lived out my dream of playing in my third Olympic Games in my home country and to top it off we went on to win a Silver Medal.”

“That journey taught me never, ever give up on your dream even if others tell you it’s impossible! It taught me about true grit and resilience, these are all attributes necessary for building any business,” says Shelley. “We all face challenges and obstacles and we all question ourselves especially as network marketers, but it is always worth fighting for our passion and purpose which is at the heart of Isagenix.”

Like many elite athletes, Shelley felt the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs about her future when retiring from basketball. “I felt like my whole identity was attached to the game and you feel like you’re the only one going through something like this and talking about it shows weakness,” she says. “I started to follow my passion of health and fitness, so I became a Personal Trainer before starting Isagenix and being wowed by the products. I then went on to share the products to those around me and was wowed by the Compensation Plan! I never saw this in my future when I was considering retirement from competitive sport but I’m so glad Isagenix came into my life.”

Shelley has now been a Personal Trainer and Health Coach for over 13 years, during which she has trained many people with different challenges and stories. “We all have things in common and they are doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our goals,” says Shelley. “After going through this myself, I have an incredible passion for helping others crush their limiting beliefs with some help from Isagenix.”

“Retirement helped me to understand the compassion and kindness to support and guide women to achieve their health, fitness and lifestyle goals through good nutrition, exercise, mindset and self-love and has also helped us grow our Isagenix business to what it is today.”

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