600x400px-greens-nivo-sliderHave you got your green light to good health? New to Australia and New Zealand, Isagenix Greens! is packed full of powerful ingredients to complement your daily requirement of 3-5 serves of vegetables. Greens! are a healthy (and handy!) addition to your daily IsaLean® Shake routine. Or, add a little of this supergreen mix to your water bottle for a boost.

“With 40 scientists behind this blend, I know I’m getting the best for my body with Greens!
– Kharn T. 6 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive

Isagenix Greens! is available in convenient on-the-go packets, making it easy to get the nutrition your body needs. The phytonutrients in Greens! are preserved to ensure their potency, so you can take your health to new levels.

Vital ingredients


A rich source of iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C, spirulina is a blue green micro-algae grown in salt water.  It has the highest amino acid profile of any plant; 70 percent of its dry weight is protein. A recent study (1) found that spirulina had a positive impact on exercise performance and respiratory function.


Chlorella is microscopic algae known for its detoxification benefits. Its molecular structure enables it to bind to metals, toxins and pesticides and help to eliminate them from the body. It is also high in chlorophyll, protein and phytonutrients.


Wheatgrass is grown from the embryo within the seeds of the common wheat plant. It contains the full spectrum of B vitamins as well as balanced ratios of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Wheatgrass is also a source of complete protein, supplying all essential amino acids.

Green Tea Extract

With a high concentration of antioxidants and a variety of enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids, green tea has also been proven to improve blood flow, lower cholesterol and help prevent high blood pressure. (2)

Greens iStock_000006387314Medium-273x300Mixing it up!

The refreshing, hint-of-mint taste of Isagenix Greens! makes getting your daily intake of greens a delicious experience. Adding a packet of Greens! to your IsaLean Shake can help balance your mental and physical performance.

This tasty addition to your shake is loaded with nourishing ingredients, so you get maximum nutrition with minimal kilojoules, at only 126kJ per serve. Greens! also support your digestive processes with prebiotics that help to enhance your overall health.

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“I have Greens! in my Shake every morning. It’s really a no-brainer – I can count on Greens! every day.”
– Jennifer J. 6 Star Golden Circle, 6 Star Crystal Executive

Greens! are available in boxes of 30 convenient individual packets. Visit your Back Office ‘My Orders’ section and add this delicious product to your Autoship today! To learn more about Isagenix Greens!, visit IsaProductAU.com.


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