Throughout her life, Hayley Dobos has never been able to “properly” lose weight. Often referred to as ‘big-boned’ and completely out of love with exercise, the mother of two was resigned to feeling trapped in the same body her entire life.

That was until she discovered Isagenix in 2014. At that moment she finally felt at home. She found belief and positive people and released 34 kg. She transformed her health and mindset from a “lifeless overweight mum” to a woman who finally realised what it meant to feel “sexy and happy”.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing.

In 2018, Hayley found herself in a toxic home environment. Stuck in a rut of self-sabotage and unhealthy eating, she gained 18 unwanted kilos in just eight months, pushing her self-worth and love to an all-time low. It took a moment of realisation with her son to overcome her struggles.

“As I sat on the lounge one day with my 12-year-old son Lachlan, he looked at me and said ‘Mum, I’m so sick of seeing you cry. Why can’t you just be happy?’,” she says. “The look on his face was something I’d never seen from him before. I felt like he was losing respect for me.”

After that unforgettable moment, Hayley jumped up and gave her phone to Lachlan. She decided that it was time to make a change, and the best vehicle for that change was the IsaBody Challenge®.

Not only did Hayley lose the 18 kilos she put back on, she’s also gained the energy and strength to take on a completely different sport, Muay Thai boxing!

“There’s no better or more empowering feeling than putting on the boxing gloves and learning to fight,” she affirms.

As someone who despised exercise, Hayley’s completely turned her life around for the better. But there’s still a long way to go in her Isagenix journey.

“Achieving my ideal body isn’t impossible for me anymore; whether it takes two months or two years, I’m going to get there,” she says. “I want to learn more about Muay Thai and one day compete in a professional fight.”