There isn’t a more deflating feeling than stepping on the scales after weeks of hard work, to see the number go down by only the slimmest of margins. Where’s it all going wrong? How can this be? All your motivation can be zapped in a split second. The truth is that the scales only tell a small part of your transformation. Here are some other ways you can keep track of your health and wellness goals…

Pictures Say a Thousand Words

The scales don’t show you how you look, but photos sure can! While your weight might not budge, your body could be changing in front of your eyes. That’s why ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures are such a huge part of your Isagenix® journey and why they are essential to the IsaBody Challenge®! While some people may lose 10 kgs, others may only lose one kg or two, and that’s ok, as you build muscle and lose fat, your body will change the way it looks, even if the scales don’t show it.

Measure the Centimetres

Pants feeling looser? Or perhaps those biceps are looking stronger than you remembered? Unlike the scales, these numbers don’t lie! While the kilograms might not drop, your jaw might when you see just how many centimetres of body fat you’ve lost or how many centimetres of lean muscle you’ve piled on. It’s essential to measure your body parts when you first start, you can find the table to track your success in the Weight Loss Program Guide.

Enjoy the Endurance

Those long runs, bike rides and laps in the pool every morning or evening certainly haven’t gone unnoticed. Training for an endurance event like a marathon, fun run, triathlon or if you just want to improve your cardiovascular health might not show up on the scales, but take pleasure in the fact that you can train a lot longer and your performance is a lot better than it would have been a few weeks earlier!

Power to a New Personal Best

There are countless tests designed to measure all the different kinds of strength that your body possesses. Put yourself to the test with a push-up or chin-up test, or if you’ve been working on those explosive legs, put yourself through your paces with a squat or deadlift test to discover exactly what your new body can achieve.

Stay on The Job

Isagenix takes a holistic approach to health because your mindset, is as, if not more important, than your physical health. Your physical goals would seem nearly impossible without a healthy mindset, so ask yourself, are you concentrating longer at work? Are you feeling confident and happy about yourself? If you need to check-in and re-evaluate your mindset, why not check out

It’s harder to stay on top of a new lifestyle change when you’re already juggling work, studies, family and social commitments! Luckily the IsaLife™ app is here to simplify your IsaLife! Set your goals, upload photos, catalogue your weight change and monitor your nutrition all in the one place and track your training manually or connect your fitness tracker, so you never miss a burnt calorie ever again. Download the IsaLife app today for Android or Apple here and enjoy the incredible benefits right at your fingertips.