In January, Isagenix® Co-Founder and President Jim Coover announced the biggest challenge in the company’s history—the Billion & Beyond: Together We Will Challenge. We want to see you succeed and earn the trip of a lifetime through your life-changing work with Isagenix!

get-to-the-Riviera-IsaFYI-600x400-300x200You’ll need to know what your target is so you can meet it. You can view your personal target and your Billion & Beyond Status in your Associate Back Office under ‘Contests & Promotions’. For full contest details, including trip details and how to qualify, view this flyer.

Now, it’s time for you to work on four key areas in your business and work to break through your personal income target and celebrate in paradise!

New Customers

One key area to business success—no matter what business you’re in—is increasing your customer base by bringing in new customers. Isagenix has products that help anyone meet their health and wellness goals, so don’t be shy about sharing these great products with everyone you meet!

Need help connecting with people? Learn to become a master connector with Isagenix Co-Founder and Vice President Kathy Coover and check out our Who Do You Know? List.

Maintaining Customers

You work hard to develop new customers, so it makes sense that you’d like to keep as many active customers in your team as possible. Improve your customer retention by helping your customers set up their Autoship, so they get the products they need to see results, every month.

If your customers are looking to achieve a major transformation, help them get started in the IsaBody Challenge®. There they’ll get the support and inspiration they need to keep working toward their goals. Finally, if cost is a concern for your customers, use our “YOU+TWO, THEM+2” system to teach them how to get their products paid for…and more! Using products that make you feel great AND help you earn a little extra income is a no-brainer!

Boost product sales within your team

What are your customers ordering on their monthly Autoship? Do they have all the products they need to succeed? Make sure you’re checking in with customers periodically and recommending additional products that would benefit them and their households.

Develop Business Builders

One of the best parts about the Isagenix Compensation plan is that you succeed by helping others to succeed. If you have budding business builders on your team, help them learn the same systems and tools that make you successful. Make sure they’re using to share the Isagenix story and that they go to regularly to brush up on their business building skills.

Finally, make sure they’re in the know by helping them sign up for our newsfeed emails. Simply visit, put your email address into the box at the top of the page and click on the ‘Subscribe’ button. Then, check your email and confirm your subscription. From there, you’ll get an email summarising the day’s posts. If nothing is posted that day, you won’t get an email. It’s as easy as that!