Which Isagenix product do you incorporate most often?
Isagenix Shakes

What is your favourite Isagenix product and why?
The Isagenix shakes taste great and provide all the nutrition needs to support full time training. Players combine these shakes with AMPED Pre and Post supplements to ensure they get the most out multiple sessions across the day.

What results have you seen among the players when implementing Isagenix products?
The range of Isagenix products have assisted the playing group reach new physical levels. They also play a key role in maintaining these levels whilst dealing with the demands of an NRL season.

What is your top tip for someone trying to lose weight?
Be consistent in your routines and involve other people to support you in achieving your goals. Drink plenty of water and pre-plan your eating for the day and week.

What is the best way to overcome low energy?
Make sure you have quality snacks and they are timed correctly around work and training. Utilising a Pre workout such as AMPED to nail your afternoon sessions also help.

What is your key advice when it comes to fulfilling a fit and healthy lifestyle?
Stay consistent in your training and be planned with your nutrition. Reward yourself for hitting targets and stay on track.

Do you have any final comments for people aiming for their peak physical condition?
Involve others, seek advice and consistency is the key