If you’re like the average partygoer, self-control goes out the door when the holiday season comes around. Festive gatherings offer opportunities to indulge in sweet treats and enjoy traditional dishes, most of which are plentiful in calories, fat, and sugar.

But who can blame you? It’s a special occasion, right?

According to a new study in the journal Appetite, that’s what most people around the hors d’oeuvre table are thinking. Researchers found that enjoying a special occasion is the biggest driver behind unhealthy snacking.

While you shouldn’t worry about a cookie here and a cheese cube there, things can get out of control when a special occasion turns into a special month… or two.

If you want to stay on the nice list, be sure to avoid naughty nibbling this holiday season with the help of Isagenix:

1. Have an IsaLean Shake before your holiday party.

The last thing you want to be before heading to a party is hungry. Tempting treats will become impossible to resist. Instead, be proactive and have an IsaLean Shake® before heading out. With 240 calories and 8 grams of fiber, you can still afford to have a small plate at the holiday party, and you won’t feel hungry!

2. Control stressful eating.

The holidays can be a stressful time and for many, can cause compulsive eating. To better manage stress and avoid unhealthy snacking, engage in healthy lifestyle practices like meditation, exercise, and quality sleep. Consuming Adaptogens—such as ashwagandha, eleuthero, and shizandra found in Ionix® Supreme—daily can also help mitigate the negative impact stress can have on the body and immune system.

3. Stay energised with balanced snacks.

Days of buying gifts, decking the halls, and traveling to see family can leave you feeling like a lump of coal. To stay energised and in the holiday spirit, be sure to keep balanced snacks on hand. Foods with adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates and fiber like Isagenix FiberSnacks!TM will provide you with sustained energy and keep you satisfied. Other balanced snack options include Isagenix SlimCakes®.

4. Always have a plan to get back on track.

After a night of indulgence, it’s best to have a plan for how to get back on track rather than letting the habit snowball. Sticking to calorie-controlled Shake Days and intermittent fasting-inspired Cleanse Days is an easy and effective way for staying in line with your health goals between holiday festivities.

Instead of waiting and resolving to commit to a healthy diet and lifestyle for the New Year, be well on your way with the help of Isagenix during the holidays.

Reference: Verhoeven AC, Adriaanse MA, de Vet E, et al. Reasons for unhealthy snacking. Appetite, 2015 [E-pub ahead of publication];84:20-27.