If you want to make it big with Isagenix then it’s important to share our incredible business opportunity with as many people as possible. Now, with the addition of the President’s Pak this has never been easier. Here’s some great business ‘How To’s’ from three of our up and coming business women…

How to share the business!

Dani McLeod_2Danielle M., Crystal Executive, shifted her mindset at National Celebration. She now believes she’s found her home with Isagenix and is sharing the business with as many people as possible!

“Before National Celebration, when people asked me what I did I would tell them ‘I’m a Radiographer’. On the plane home from the Gold Coast the person next to me asked what I did and I said ‘I’m a Network Marketer’. I had a total shift of mindset at the event. Before, my focus was how the products could get people healthier with a rebate as a bonus but now I show people the tracks they can run on and show them they can have it all with this business. I use Lynn Hagedorn’s presentation to explain the potential to people. I feel like I’ve found my calling. With Isagenix I can help people become healthy AND wealthy!”

How to lead with the President’s Pak!

JenJen P., 1 Star Crystal Executive, 3 Star Golden Circle, shares how easy it is to lead with the President’s Pak and help people on their way to the best health of their lives…

“I lead with the President’s Pak, it really is the way forward. It’s simple to show people the benefits. We simply say that for $556 you can get the 30 Day Starter Pak worth $420 PLUS Ageless Actives™, Essentials for Men™ or Women, 2 boxes of IsaLean™ Bars and a 1 year membership. Those extra products alone are worth over $260 so you’re making a huge saving! But that’s not the most exciting part. We tell people that Isagenix is a company that believes good health is a rite of passage. They’ve chosen a business model that can help everyone get good health for free! With the Double PIBs on offer you can get your products paid for. We’re all network marketers, how often do we recommend a great restaurant or a really good hairdresser? This is exactly the same. If you share with people the right way they will do the same!”

How to earn $320 in a week with Isagenix!

Heidi MacallanHeidi M., Manager, is a nurse and a busy mum of 2. Her goal is to replace her income within two years and she’s well on her way by pocketing Isagenix Double PIBs by enrolling people with the President’s Pak!

“I started Isagenix as a product user and it wasn’t until I started earning money that I even looked at the business opportunity. I’ve signed 4 people up on the President’s Pak in the last few weeks with 2 in the same commission week† which means a $640 bonus!* If the President’s Pak had been available when I signed up I would have definitely gone with that. It’s great value and most people don’t think twice about the cost when you explain how many products you get for your money! I have a mortgage and 2 young children and I can easily afford my Isagenix products simply by giving up my daily coffee and muffin. Plus, with the bonuses on offer I can get my products paid for! I want to replace my nurse’s salary so I can stop working nights, I know that’s possible with Isagenix!”

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