Here at Isagenix®, we value the feedback sent through to us by all our Associates. We always ensure you’re receiving not only the best, no-compromise products but also the best price possible so you can have the transformation you desire and help to transform countless lives too.

Due to the feedback received, we’ve made some minor changes to the President’s Pak that we believe will still help you find health success while also helping your Isagenix Business grow further too.

From 10:00am on 27 January 2017, the new President’s Pak will exclude Ageless Actives and the Event Coupon will be increased from $25 to $50. All other products in the President’s Pak will remain the same, ensuring this is still our best value Pak.

For a full breakdown of the prices, please see below. Please note there is a change with pricing and BV however PIBs will remain the same.

OLD PRICE DETAILS                                       NEW PRICE DETAILS


Autoship              $577.51                                                 $563.20
Wholesale           $611.59                                                 $596.20
Retail                      $784.30                                                 $759.00
BV                             338                                                          311
PIB                            $80                                                          $80

OLD PRICE DETAILS                                       NEW PRICE DETAILS

New Zealand

Autoship              $691.16                                                 $668.16
Wholesale           $732.55                                                 $707.25
Retail                      $948.74                                                 $907.37
BV                            316                                                            290
PIB                           $100                                                        $100

Our Product Catalogue, Price Lists and additional marketing collateral will reflect this change. We appreciate your understanding during this adjustment period. To keep up-to-date with all important announcements, be sure to subscribe to ANZ.IsaFYI.com and join the Isagenix Business ANZ Facebook group.