Did you know that 93 percent of marketers use social media for business? The Nielsen group introduced a report on social media usage in 2011 and found that 70 percent of active online adult social networkers shop online.

So what does this mean for you and your Isagenix business? Well, if you’re finding it difficult to build brand awareness for your Isagenix business by creating original content, graphics and images for social media, but don’t have the time—then stop worrying about it!

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. We have two new tools for you!

Spruce up your Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts with branded Isagenix social media images.

There’s a Social Media Library on IsagenixBusiness.com. To access the library, click on the “Tools” tab; under the “Tools” section there’s a new category called “Social Media Library” especially made for your tweets, pins, posts and status updates. Choose a specific category geared toward your message, link to your Isagenix website and post—it’s that simple.

Find the best image for your social media outlet under the following categories:


Transformations – Show the positive affect of Isagenix with “before” and “after” photos.




Inspiration – Encourage others with quotes that resonate with others in business, success, weight loss, and healthy aging.




Events – Create interest about your personal events and upcoming meetings.




Recognition – Show off the accomplishments of your team.





International – Generate buzz about your international Isagenix business.




Seasonal –  Post powerful visual Isagenix advertisements surrounded by annual events (i.e., back to school, New Year’s, etc.).




Testimonials – Read what others have to say about their Isagenix experience.




Recipes – Help others mix up their daily regime with tasty detailed recipes.



With these new graphics and posts, it’s important to keep one rule in mind: Don’t post these tools at once. Learn how to generate curiosity about specific products by posting once or twice a day through various social media outlets.

“Our new social media library is a simple and easy way to stay compliant while growing your business on social media,” says Kevin Gawthrope, Director of Online Marketing & Social Media at Isagenix. “It’s important to add your own voice to the post when sharing these images to fit your personal brand.”

To make the most out of the new social media library, learn about the importance of marketing your business online with Isagenix Crystal Executives, Zach and Eden Slobin, 5 Star Golden Circle Executives, with their new e-book “Connecting and Overcoming Objections Secrets Reveled, Vol. 3” on sale at IsaSalesTools.com.

The latest version has been updated with additional social media training that encompasses:

  • Social media guidelines
  • Skype guidelines
  • Video training on social media
  • Sample Facebook posts and how to respond

These new social media graphics will be updated on a regular basis, so visit IsagenixBusiness.com to begin posting.