Isagenix continues to expand across the globe! We are getting very close to launching two more countries in southeast Asia—Indonesia and Vietnam!

Indonesia Residents Can Now Purchase Isagenix Products for Personal Use

Isagenix is pleased to announce that Isagenix-in-Indonesia-300x199we are one step closer to officially opening in Indonesia. Though we are unable to ship products to Indonesia at this time, and products may not yet be resold in Indonesia, residents of Indonesia interested in trying our products can purchase them for their own personal use, if they can pick up their products in Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia.

Residents can sign up as an Associate in Hong Kong with a valid Indonesian ID and begin purchasing products. Product orders are available for pick up only and must be retrieved in Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia, where we are currently open for business.

Vietnam is Scheduled to Open for Business in September

Isagenix-in-Vietnam-200x300Isagenix Vietnam is scheduled to officially open for business in September! After we open, products will ship from our Vietnam warehouse to our Associates and customers. Vietnam residents will be able to make Isagenix a part of their daily regime and, for those who are interested, start building their Isagenix businesses!

When Vietnam officially opens for business, customers wishing to build a business must achieve 300 BV or more to become an Associate and begin their Crystal Bonus timeframe. Preferred Customers who achieve 300 BV over 60 days will automatically be converted to an Associate, beginning their Crystal Bonus timeframe.

In the meantime, Vietnam residents can place orders and pick up orders for personal use in Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia to get familiar with the products.

Please note that Isagenix business builders who are not Vietnam residents (but are building a business in Vietnam) may not enrol members in Vietnam while on Vietnamese soil. If you are planning a business trip to Vietnam, you may only process enrollments via phone or internet while you are outside Vietnam. Please contact us at if you are planning to travel to Vietnam and have questions about this regulation.

Join us for our Grand Opening celebration November 21-23 in Hanoi. Stay tuned to for details as the event draws nearer.

Global Products, Paks and Systems

To better meet the needs of markets outside the U.S. and Canada, Isagenix has created paks and programs customised to the culture and economic models of the countries we serve. Though monthly stock-up shopping (like going to a warehouse store or buying a 30-day system) is common in the U.S., it’s not the preferred shopping style globally.

To help you better understand what the business opportunity and product offerings are in each market, along with any country-specific rules and regulations, we’re working on updating the international page at to centralise information on building a business globally.

Don’t forget, if you’re interested in building outside your market, you’ll need an International sponsorship! The cost is $49 annually and allows you to earn on business in all of our international markets. You can obtain your International Sponsorship on the IsaFYI International page by clicking on the “Get Your International Sponsorship” button.

Meet Our Vietnam General Manager

Danny Tran, General Manager of Vietnam, has spent more than 15 years working for Danny-Tran-Headshot-150x150multinational companies and brings more than 10 years of network marketing experience with him and holds degrees from National Economics University and Hanoi University of Technology. Danny’s experience helps him maintain trusted relationships with several Vietnamese regulatory agencies and industry groups.

If you know someone in Indonesia or Vietnam, let them know that Isagenix will soon be in full swing in those countries and stay tuned to for more international updates!