Congratulations to Claudia Tomczyk who, on stage at Celebration 2018, just won the title of IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Winner 2018 and $10,000 cash for her commitment to embarking on a life-changing transformation journey!

Claudia Tomczyk
Age: 24

Hometown: SA, AU
Challenges Completed: 3
Weight Loss Overall: 16.5 kgs

Excited by the weight loss she achieved during her first IsaBody Challenge®, Claudia immediately registered for her second Challenge with a new goal of gaining lean muscle and increasing her performance in the gym. “The results I achieved and the routines I set myself up with during my first Challenge really inspired me to ‘start, complete and REPEAT’,” she exclaims. “My second and third Challenge were really different for me because I had a big change in focus and goals. My intention was to really take things to the next level.”

With her vision expanding to not only change her own life but to empower others to change theirs, Claudia worked hard to transform her body, mindset and overall health. “I had a vision that if I could continue to stay consistent and be a product of the product, I’d inspire people through my actions,” she explains. “My aim was to show people that there is no quick fix and results come from a consistent, balanced lifestyle.”

Incorporating the AMPED™ line into her routine, increasing her calories and following the Isagenix System, Claudia worked closely with a personal trainer focusing on sculpting her body with weight training sessions three times a week and increasing her fitness with cardio-based exercises twice a week.

Stoked with the lean muscle she’d gained during her second Challenge, Claudia launched straight into her third, continuing to challenge her body with each workout. “I can proudly say that I have not missed a training session thanks to the in-built accountability provided by the Challenge and community,” she says. “It really does come down to consistency, time and fuelling your body with the right nutrition.”

With her passion for the IsaBody Challenge at the forefront, Claudia’s mission is to continue inspiring others to achieve their health and wellness goals. “My vision is clearer than ever,” she says. “I want to help people to feel great and to achieve things they never imagined possible, the same way that I have and continue to do. Thanks to the IsaBody Challenge I feel so confident in my own skin and I want the same for everyone else. I love that I’m living a balanced, healthy lifestyle and I can’t wait to keep showing others what’s possible. Bring on the next Challenge!”

A huge congratulations to Claudia Tomczyk, our IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner 2018 and a round of applause for all of our IsaBody Challenge Finalists for 2017.

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