360x240-IsaDelightIt’s so exciting to say that IsaDelight Plus has arrived down under!

These delicious, guilt-free dark chocolates satisfy hunger and sugar cravings, not to mention they taste great. And the best part is they make Cleanse Days a breeze!

You can enjoy 1 to 2 squares of IsaDelight Plus dark chocolate on your Cleanse Days to help strengthen your will to Cleanse. Remember, friends don’t let friends Cleanse without IsaDelight Plus!

Formulator of IsaDelight Plus, Dr. Paul Anderson, says “IsaDelight Plus has played an important role on Cleanse Days and back-to-back Deep Cleanse Days in managing good moods and better hunger control. The secret to its success is the brain healthy formula of green tea extract, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that also improves metabolism.”

For more information about these tasty treats take a look at the IsaDelight Plus Information Sheet.