After moving into its new state-of-the-art world headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona, celebrating 14 incredible years, and reaching $4 billion in cumulative sales, Isagenix was recognised as No. 22 on the Direct Selling News (DSN) Global 100 list.


The annual ceremony was held on April 7 in Dallas, Texas and recognised the year’s top direct selling companies in the world. The ranks, which are based on revenue, offer a unique perspective on the economic impact each company has on the industry. Since 2010 when the list was first introduced, Isagenix has been recognised each year, entering the list at No. 50 and continuously moving up due to its rapid growth in North America and global expansion to currently operating in 14 countries.

Much of the success stems from the company’s commitment to no-compromise products which are bundled into easy to follow and adhere to systems that have helped tens of thousands around the world to transform their lives. “No matter how much we grow, our no-compromise commitment to the quality of our products and ingredients is one thing that will never change. Product quality—and our customer’s health—is our highest priority,” says Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Kathy Coover.

Isagenix was also recognised as No. 13 on the DSN North America Top 50 list and was included in the $100 Million Growth Club for a third consecutive year. The North America Top 50 list draws attention to the most significant players in one of the world’s largest direct selling markets.

“It is such an honor to be recognised as a company spearheading growth and change,” says Co-Founder & President, Jim Coover. “This recognition is a testament to the many lives we are impacting on a global level. We thank our customers and Associates around the world for their passion and support.”

To date, Isagenix has been the vehicle more than 175 businesses have used to cumulatively make over $1 million.** Thousands more earn a residual income every month thanks to their hard work and our innovative and generous binary compensation plan.

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