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At Top Achievers in Coolum our Isagenix Leaders Irene Miller, Peta Kelly and Lynn Fitzpatrick demonstrated first hand what it means to give back. As a group they worked together to create team works of art. These paintings were auctioned off and our generous leaders donated $6,500 to our charity of choice, Make-A-Wish.

Here’s what they had to say…

“I really wanted the painting because it represents such a pivotal point in all of our journeys at Top Achievers. Unity, connection, love, spirit, strength and our mission. As I look at this painting I instantly feel all of those things. It also represents my learnings and lessons I took away from Top Achievers and reminds me of the beautiful people I spent the week with. Giving the money for the painting to Make-A-Wish was a no brainer. We’re so blessed to have this opportunity and this lifestyle. To give back even a fraction of what we’re given by this company to families in need is the very least I could do. The more you earn and the more you learn, the more you give. We’re so blessed and we need to share that.” Peta Kelly, 7 Star Golden Circle, 7 Star Crystal Executive.

“Top Achievers was an incredible experience. I made some amazing connections with such beautiful souls that will be in my life forever. The artwork was hugely inspiring and confirmation for me that it’s okay to feel if you can’t do it all yourself, someone has always got your back and will help pick up the pieces. I drew people holding hands to symbolise that I’m now ready to build a more connected team. Knowing the money I gave will go towards granting at least one wish makes me feel truly lucky. Make-A-Wish does such an amazing job at helping families and kids at a difficult point in their lives. To be given this opportunity by Isagenix is such a blessing.” Lynn Fitzpatrick, 2 Star Golden Circle, 3 Star Executive.