Isagenix has major plans to make international history in 2016. Attendees at NYKO learned about exciting international initiatives on the horizon, bringing the company closer to its goal of impacting health across the globe.

A Look Back

Though looking ahead is important to do at the beginning of each year, it is also a good time to recognize accomplishments from the prior year.

Isagenix CEO Kevin Adams and Vice President of International Sales and Marketing Sharron Walsh highlighted incredible 2015 milestones including the Indonesia grand opening, bringing the total amount of countries Isagenix serves to fourteen. In merely one year, Indonesia grew to more than 3,000 Active Associates.

The growth of Latin America continues to impress. Since opening Colombia in 2014, the market has seen a 536 percent increase in Active Associates and a 186 percent increase in revenue. Mexico also experienced tremendous growth in the past two years with a 94 percent increase in Active Associates and a 55 percent revenue increase.

A Look Ahead

Adams and Walsh also presented the 2016 international strategy and initiatives created in partnership with Associates to expand the company’s global reach.

“Our three-step strategy is key to our success as we continue expanding and entering new markets,” said Adams. “With the launch of our new affordable, flexible product line in Asia and Latin America, more product pickup points, and access to improved payment methods, we are eager to share more Isagenix products with more people.”

With plans to officially launch the new product line at the 2016 Asia and Latin America regional conventions, attendees at NYKO learned about a few of the product features.

“Our goal is to provide quality nutrition for everybody and the development of these products allow us to do just that,” shared Walsh. “They will deliver the same product benefits, but in a more sustainable, convenient, and affordable way that meets the unique taste preferences, and economic and nutritional needs specific to each region.”

The new product line includes the flexible serving IsaShake pouch and liquid concentrates of Ionix Supreme, Cleanse for Life (Asia only), IsaCleanse (Latin America only), AMPED Hydrate, and e+ Natural Energy Drink (Asia only).

Feedback from the Asia and Latin America markets is already positive with buzz and anticipation from product users and Associates. The ramp up to the product launch began with Latin America Associates getting a sneak peek of the new liquid concentrate Ionix Supreme and IsaCleanse, while Asia Associates received a first look at the new liquid concentrate e+ Natural Energy Drink.

Be a Part of Isagenix History

Last but not least, 2016 marks a milestone year for Isagenix with the first-ever regional conventions taking place in Singapore and Colombia. To share in the experience, Associates at NYKO were invited to attend the events for free. The offer still stands today and Associates in North America, Australia, and New Zealand willing to travel can claim two complimentary tickets by registering in the Back Office.

These can’t-miss events will provide attendees with more information about our international marketing strategy and vision for 2016 including new campaigns, initiatives, and promotions. Plus, attendees will be the first to see and try the new product line in person. Learn more and register today!