Congratulations to our three newest Isagenix® Millionaires. That brings our total to 78 Isagenix Millionaires!

Each of these businesses has earned more than $1 million dollars in cumulative sales to receive the prestigious title of Isagenix Millionaire. While they may be well known and celebrated within their teams, here’s a little bit about our newest Millionaires:

Dani & Jay H. 6-Star Golden Circle and 2-Star Executive and Isagenix Millionaires #76, decided to step down from their corporate positions and become successful entrepreneurs in May 2006. Since then, this Canadian couple has done everything but slow down. Why? They love sharing that everyone deserves to be healthy, wealthy and have an empowering environment to do it in. Their motto, coupled with their passion, has helped so many people physically and financially transform their lives, helping them achieve one of their biggest goals.

• Ronda C. 4-Star Golden Circle and 1-Star Crystal Executive and Isagenix Millionaire #77, is best known by her team as the ‘Queen of Freedom’. Over the past 10 years, this California resident has introduced thousands of new Associates to Isagenix and helped motivate them to own their lives by managing their time and time freedom.

• Latinexpress. 6-Star Golden Circle and 5-Star Crystal Executive and Isagenix Millionaire #78, came on board with Isagenix in November 2010. In less than two years, the team has grown tremendously and achieved the highest level in Isagenix. Now the business is a thriving success in their current home base, Mexico City.

These are incredible accomplishments! For more on any of our hard working millionaires, visit’s ‘Success Stories’ page. Who’ll be the first Australian Isagenix Millionaire?