200px-Jana-Pttman_0351Ever wondered how Isagenix products can help you increase muscle and release weight? Olympic Athlete Jana Pittman has used our products to achieve both! As a five-time World Champion and four-time Commonwealth Champion in track, she required a lean body composition. To achieve this goal Jana used Isagenix to help her release kilos and maintain strength. Now, as she aims to compete in the winter Olympic bobsleigh team, Jana is focused on bulking up and building strength.

To achieve these two very different objectives, Jana used Isagenix products in very different ways. Want to see how Jana achieved results? Check out her food diaries for muscle building and weight loss below.

Muscle building food diary

Weight loss food diary

Neil Berry_4Long distance runner Neil Berry has discovered good nutrition is key to achieving his goals. As he aims to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics Neil finds comfort knowing he’s armed with his secret for success. He has used Isagenix to achieve his personal best times in running and he’s released kilos. His endurance has improved as he feels more energetic and alert at training, plus he’s recovering better! This has meant he’s able to train harder and continue to improve his times.

To improve your endurance check out Neil’s food diary.

Endurance food diary

Andy Forbes_2Professional Fitness Competitor and Personal Trainer Andy Forbes uses Isagenix to manage her weight and balance her mood. As a competitive athlete she needs to feel and look her best. She uses Isagenix as a fantastic natural boost of energy and has gained remarkable results in her figure sculpting.

Check out how Andy incorporates Isagenix into her food diary.

Figure sculpting food diary


Want to know more about achieving results with Isagenix? Check out the Health & Prosperity report.