Kane Fitzpatrick had a unique introduction to Isagenix®, connecting with a long-standing Isagenix Millionaire from the United States. The personal trainer shares his story – and who his successful mentor is – in the latest IsaNews.

For Kane, achieving his initial goal of Crystal Executive was not about him. “I knew reaching Executive could never be about me,” he says. “I spoke to people in my team and asked what I could do to help them reach their goals. Supporting my team helped me reach my own goal.”

It’s this attitude that has helped Kane reach 2 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive – and there’s no sign of him slowing down. “Isagenix continues to help me to be the best version of myself and I am so thankful for it.”

Kane is also a passionate member of the START Movement and loves nothing better than motivating young people like himself. Check out the video below to learn more about START and how you can be a part of this extraordinary group of 18 to 35 year-olds.

“The START Movement is whatever you want it to be, because we are all striving for different things,” says Kane. “We think differently, we do things differently and we all know that we weren’t put on this world to live in any kind of mediocrity.”

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