720x720px-IsaNews-10-web-assets-Get-in-the-know!At Isagenix®, we’re big on personal growth to ensure you get the results that you want – whether it’s taking control of your health or building your business. Our latest IsaNews is packed with ideas and practical tips to help you get out of your comfort zone and achieve your dreams.

Take a Master Class today on how to be a Mindset Professional! Turn to pages 8-9 and follow these simple steps to work out how out-dated thought patterns can be reprogrammed successfully – it’s time to leave your comfort zone!

Step 1. Find your limiting beliefs: Grab a pen and paper and set aside 15 minutes to jot down where you want different results in your life. What fears might be holding you back? You’ll be surprised how quickly you can turn these around to create beliefs that are relevant to you now!

Step 2. Be open to new information: Use the tools at your fingertips to learn about different mindsets – join Isagenix ANZ and IsaBody Challenge ANZ Facebook groups to find inspiring information and stories as people transform their lives on a daily basis. Book into an upcoming event to connect with like-minded people and learn how to build your belief.

Step 3. Create your new mindset beliefs: Write down your new positive mindset beliefs to replace the limiting beliefs that you wrote down in Step 1. Check out IsaSalesTools.com.au to get tips from the best of the best – you can instantly download Lynn Hagerdorn’s Millionaire Mindset or Davis T.S. Wood’s Mindset: Your Key to Success to guide you to new-and-improved beliefs!

Step 4. Give it a go! Now that you’ve outlined some new beliefs, reach out to your Isagenix family to coach you as you try out your new mindset and commit to a new way of thinking and being.

Step 5. Let go of the worst limiting belief of all: Believe in the concept of the impossible!

Remember, it takes time break out of your comfort zone and incorporate your new beliefs into your daily routine. Now is a great time to do this as you embark on your 90-Day Game Plan!