720x720px-IsaNews-10-web-assets-Today's-Inspiration!Jackson Parr’s Isagenix® journey began in August 2013 and the last eighteen months have been truly life-changing! Read about Jackson’s inspiring story in the latest IsaNews, where he shares how a severe injury changed his plans for a promising sports career. Since joining Isagenix, Jackson has taken a profoundly different path to reach 8 Star Platinum, 5 Star Crystal Executive and become a START Ambassador.

“I’m not the same person I was when I first said ‘yes’ to Isagenix,” Jackson says, attributing this to the products as well as his personal development along the way. It took three years for him to open up to trying the products. But when he finally did, he became convinced that that the Isagenix opportunity could be a real solution for people looking to transform their energy, health and physique. “After my first 30 days on the program my body composition and energy levels had transformed.”

After experiencing the benefits of the product, Jackson attended University in Action in Sydney. This was the game changer for Jackson in his personal development and understanding the potential of Network Marketing as a potential profession for him.

“Everything changed,” he says. “I walked out of David T.S. Wood’s training finally understanding what that President’s Pak that I’d originally received was capable of. It was so much more than just health products. In that box was a vehicle to create whatever I wanted and help whoever I wanted.”

And now Jackson is doing just that – he became a START Ambassador after meeting Erik Coover at National Celebration 2014 and is in a position to support and help young people build their businesses.

“Isagenix – in particular Erik Coover and Peta Kelly – has really helped me grow and understand contribution and giving back,” Jackson says. “There’s no accomplishment in my life I’m more proud of than being an Ambassador for START.”

“To other young people taking a look at this opportunity, I say that this movement is only just getting started. People are starting to wake up to the fact that there are other ways to achieve success.”

Jackson will be joining fellow START Ambassador and 9 Star Platinum, 3 Star Executive, Emilie Tonkin in Brisbane on Monday 20 April as part of the START Vision Tour. Click here to find out more about the START Vision Tour and to book your tickets today!

Grab your copy of the latest IsaNews and turn to page 66 to read more about Jackson’s inspiring story!