The 90-Day Game Plan is one of the greatest tools when it comes to building your Isagenix business. With the potential to change your life, when you map out your 90-Day goals, you put yourself and your team on the fast track to success!

In the new-look IsaNews, you’ll learn all about the tools, promotions and incentives in the 90-Day Game Plan and how to complete a 30 Day Blitz in our week-by-week outline.

Read how to become a Crystal Director with our Crystal Director Reset promotion earning yourself an awesome $750 bonus! Hear from other Associates who have also taken advantage of the promotion and how they worked to achieve it.

Learn about more of the tools and resources to help you achieve amazing results and what videos, apps and websites are available to share amongst your team and prospects.

This feature is a must-read! Grab a copy and head to page 12 to read more today!