1200-90 Day Launch Party

Launch Party Week has arrived and we couldn’t be more excited for you to join us on this incredibly powerful journey to building your business! Since Launch Parties are an effective tool for inviting visionaries on board to this health and wellness legacy, why not make the most of this month’s promotion for new members who are keen join Isagenix®?

In honour of Senior Vice President of Global Field Development Erik Coover’s birthday this month, Isagenix® is offering free* membership for new Associates! Click here to see more details about this remarkable offer!

So are you ready to host the best Launch Party? Stay on track with your #90DGPlan to ensure you are getting the most out of the support and tools available to help build the business of your dreams.

Our no-compromise products are the key factor in hosting a Launch Party that creates curiosity, for those who are new to learning about Isagenix culture. This is the perfect time to stock up on a range of products and organise different Launch Parties for different solutions. Maybe you know people who would be interested in Energy and Performance solutions, or maybe you know people who would like to achieve Weight Loss goals? Whether it’s Healthy Ageing or Weight Maintenance – Isagenix has a resolution for everyone!

Always remember to:

  • Ask questions and listen
  • Find out their goals
  • Ask them why they want to achieve their goals
  • Connect with them through similar interests and relating
  • Share your story, don’t try sell it

But most of all, have some fun and show other’s this special journey that they could be part of!