If you can’t get enough of the science behind our products – especially when it’s delivered by Product Education Specialist Dani Catania – or you missed out on the action the first time around, you’re in luck! Catch up on the January Isagenix® ANZ Product Talk Webinar.

In this episode we cover all things cleansing and the science behind intermittent fasting! Follow the timestamps below to fast-forward to the information you need for your own journey or for tips you can pass on to your team.

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1:36 – Welcome to Product Talk with Dani Catania

4:09 – Disclaimers

6:05 – What is an Isagenix® Cleanse Day?

7:20 – Sample Cleanse Day Schedule

12:00 – When to schedule Cleanse Days

13:48 – Daily Cleansing, one-day or two-day Cleanse?

15:48 – Scientific studies on Intermittent Fasting

16:50 – Benefits of Fasting on Cleanse Days

25:26 – Q&A introduction and Disclaimer

26:26 – How to find ingredients in any Isagenix product

28:02 – Is it OK to have more than 4 cleanse days a month? I’m thinking I would like to do 2 cleanse days every week.

29:05 – Is there any research on Isagenix and how it may positively impact our microbiomes?  Can we tell our potential customers that Isagenix is great for gut health from a microbiome perspective?

30:38 – Can you please explain why drinking coffee on a cleanse day is a No No? I have many associates who ask all the time. Can you also explain why Ionix Supreme works well at night time for some to prepare for a restful sleep?

32:50 – Why are the shakes an important part of the Cleanse System?

35:24 – What time should I stop eating on the night before a Cleanse Day?

38:11 – Is broth OK on a Cleanse Day?

39:39 – Thanks for tuning in!