Christmas Day is around the next corner and if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been flat out organising gifts and the highly anticipated Christmas lunch or dinner. Although the lunch or dinner is the star of the event, your guests are sure to turn up on your doorstep hungry. To keep your guests from becoming hangry while they wait for the main course, why not keep them satiated with a few nutritious and simple snacks?

We know you’re likely to be short on time now that December has hit, so we’ve pulled together some easy, last minute snack ideas that you can whip up right before your guests show up on your doorstep!

A savoury snack with Cheddar Whey Thins™
Crunchy, salty and oh-so-cheesy, Whey Thins are the perfect healthy snack for your guests.

Pair Whey Thins with chopped up vegetables such as cucumber and carrots and dunk them into your dip of choice. Healthier dip options such as hummus or eggplant dip are the perfect way to complement your Whey Thins.

Keep it sweet with IsaLean™ Bar and IsaDelight™
Everyone loves to snack on something sweet and IsaLean bars and IsaDelights are just the trick. These guilt-free goodies come in a handful of flavours and even come in gluten-free and dairy-free options! Even better, they taste so devilishly sweet that you’d never guess that they’re good for you.

Chop up your favourite IsaLean bars into uniform pieces and serve them alongside fresh fruit for an easy snack for guests to nibble on. For even more variety, place IsaDelights in a festive bowl for easy access or break them into pieces and mix with nuts for the perfect sweet and savoury combination.

Stay cool with Hydrate
With summer in full swing, Christmas Day can often be a scorcher. Whether you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen or enjoying the outdoors with a barbecue, your guests are sure to appreciate a cool and hydrating drink.

Mix up some AMPED Hydrate in water as per instructions and serve in a jug with sliced lemons or oranges. For extra sweetness and texture, include pomegranate or passionfruit seeds into the jug. Add ice and keep cool in the fridge before serving.

These light and tasty snacks require minimal effort and are guaranteed to keep hunger pangs at bay. Head to your Back Office today to get yours in time for Christmas!