A primary school teacher, exhausted mother of two, online-business owner and serial yo-yo dieter were just a few of the ways to describe Melissa Langsford several years ago.

With her 19-month-old and 4-month-old babies in tow, Melissa was feeling anxious as she watched her maternity leave tick by day-by-day.  “I was exhausted, overweight and dreading trying to get rid of the baby weight,” she admits. “Along with that, the idea of returning to my job whilst having to pay someone else to take care of my babies didn’t sit well with me and I was feeling lost.”

Eager for a change in career that’d keep her closer to her children, Melissa started her own online interior design business but no matter how hard she worked, she saw very little return for her efforts.

Isagenix® was in the background of Melissa’s life for some time. “I had two friends using Isagenix and I was watching from the sidelines,” she shares. “As a yo-yo dieter, I was waiting for them to fall off the bandwagon but their results kept getting better with time. They appeared happier and to be enjoying life more.”

Four months after giving birth to her second child, Bob, Melissa and her sister, Bec, both began using the Isagenix System together. “I was ready to lose the baby weight and change my overall lifestyle,” she says. “The convenience of the System was awesome and it wasn’t long before my cravings for sugary and starchy foods began to fade away.”

Aware of the business opportunity attached to Isagenix, Melissa was sceptical of network marketing and wasn’t sure it was the right direction for her. “I wasn’t interested in the business side of things but as soon as I started organically sharing the products with family and friends, I couldn’t help but notice the money I was earning,” she says. “It piqued my interest and, keen to learn more about the Compensation Plan, I attended my first corporate event and that’s where everything changed for me.”

Now a START 1000 member and 3 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive business builder, Melissa embodies everything the START movement stands for. “START is about designing your own life,” she explains. “It’s a community of people who cheer you on and encourage you to chase your dreams. I am now able to be with my children full time whilst earning more money than I ever could have earned as a teacher. The possibilities are endless and I love showing people how they, too, can live the life they desire.”