As a mother, Lisa Gadsby has experienced many changes over the years. She understands the exhaustion that comes from putting your whole heart into your family and that selflessness often comes at a price. “I’ve made it my mission to give as many mums out there as I can, permission to find themselves again, to put themselves and their health first and to learn to love who they are,” she says. “It’s not about perfection or the superficial stuff; it’s about energy, vitality and feeling happy and excited for life!”

The 2017 IsaBody Challenge® finalist started her first Isagenix® System three months after the birth of her second child. “The changes began so quickly; the energy it gave me enabled me to put a routine in place for my babies,” says Lisa. “I quickly became the happy mum I always wanted to be for them, even if I had been up 15 times the night before.”

With the fire inside her beginning to burn bright once again, Lisa decided to take on her first IsaBody Challenge. “I love inspiring other mums by leading by example and sharing my personal journey on the IsaBody Challenge ANZ Facebook group,” says Lisa. “Now at events I have people coming to talk to me and thanking me for motivating them for their own changes, you can’t beat that feeling!”

“I love my Isa family! I have made some incredible lifelong friends,” says Lisa. “I really utilised the IsaBody Challenge community to hold me accountable to my goals and the support carried me to the end. It felt amazing to know that I was inspiring others as well as myself.”

“A tribe of incredible mothers started to blossom once I started sharing my 16-week transformation, all of them were craving the changes I’d grown to love. With each message my mind was opened up, more and more, to the possibility of what I could create for myself and my babies,” says the mother of two. “I have fallen in love with helping other women feel as good as I do. I’ve found my purpose, something that complements my role as a mother so beautifully.”

Despite the incredible success she had in her very first IsaBody Challenge, Lisa is more determined than ever before to lead by example and show her team what they can achieve with Isagenix. “I’m going to really embrace the IsaBody Start.Complete.Repeat motto and step things up coming into summer!” Lisa exclaims. “A future goal of mine is to be the first ANZ returning IsaBody finalist and to become an IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner. I’m hungry for it!”

“Consistency is everything so never stop working towards your goals every single day. If you’re consistently working towards them you will achieve them, there’s no way you can’t!” says Lisa. “The most important thing is this is your journey, so don’t compare yourself to others. It’s okay to use others as motivation and inspiration but make sure you’re inspired to become the best version of you with all your perfect flaws. Just have fun, enjoy the journey and learn to love yourself.”