Ben Travers
Age: 31
Location: QLD, AU
Challenge Start Weight: 115 kgs
Challenge End Weight: 92.9 kgs
Total Challenges Completed: 2
At just 30 years of age, Ben Travers had his life turned upside down when the consequences of his poor lifestyle came to the surface. After suffering from chest pains at work, he was rushed to the doctor and sternly told to make some serious lifestyle changes. “Being so young I never expected to hear from a doctor that I was obese and on the verge of liver disease and diabetes,” he reflects. “I was also told to avoid physical activity because of the risk of complications. I was in shock.”

Forced to give up his passion for playing sport, Ben took the doctor’s words seriously and reached out to his Facebook friend, 2 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive, Jackson Baum, for guidance. “I’d been following Jack’s health posts on Facebook for some time, so I felt confident reaching out to him for support,” says Ben. “I shared my story with him and he got me started on the Isagenix® System straight away. He encouraged me to register for the IsaBody Challenge® as a way to keep accountable and track my progress.”

Within his first 30 days, Ben shed 13 kgs and wowed his dietician with his results. Going on to shed another 10 kgs throughout his Challenge, Ben was so stoked with his progress that he quickly registered for his second Challenge. “I’m now jumping out of bed and playing sport again,” he shares. “Since witnessing my results, my fiancé Cheyenne, registered for the Challenge and is earning awesome results. The tight-knit Challenge community has really supported and motivated me and I finally feel that I have control over my health.”

Lauree Pass
Age: 34
Location: ACT, AU
Challenge Start Weight: 65.4 kgs
Challenge End Weight: 59.6 kgs
Total Challenges Completed: 4

With three IsaBody Challenges under her belt and 24 kgs gone, Lauree set out on her fourth Challenge with a clear goal in mind. “Before Isagenix, I had lost my zest for life due to a serious lack of self-esteem and suffered from chronic pain in my feet that hindered by ability, and desire, to get active,” says Lauree. “My original motivator for joining the Challenge was to regain my confidence, take control of my health and, most importantly, get healthy enough to start a family.”

Inching closer to her goal weight with her motivation driving her forward, Lauree registered for her fourth Challenge with only 5 kgs to go until her goal was reached. “My focus turned heavily towards strength and fitness, so I attended fitness boot camps religiously, kept active on the weekends and meditated daily to keep my mind in check,” shares Lauree. “I was feeling strong, healthy, fit and focused.”

Lauree’s consistency and accountability paid off, with the aspiring mother reaching her goal weight just 12 weeks in to her 16-week Challenge. “Going from the woman who started with no hope or belief to now smashing my goals and finding confidence and body positivity is unbelievable,” she shares. “The support I’ve received from the IsaBody Challenge community has been so inspiring and I love knowing that I’m motivating others. Bring on the next Challenge!”

Jason Galvin
Age: 53
Location: QLD, AU
Challenge Start Weight: 77.3 kgs
Challenge End Weight: 70.6 kgs
Total Challenges Completed: 5

Describing himself as an ‘averagely fit, older guy’, Jason never worried too much about his health. Spending time away from his wife and family to travel for work meant poor lifestyle habits began to creep in, with Jason often reaching for poor meal choices and skipping out on exercise. “I convinced myself that I felt healthy enough for my age,” he says. “Little did I know my health was taking a hit with every poor lifestyle choice I made.”

Introduced to Isagenix through his wife, Kylie, it wasn’t long before Jason realised how stressed out and disconnected he had been. “Using the Isagenix System brought to light how truly stressed, grumpy and tired I was,” he reflects. “After my first 30 days using the products, I was shocked at how great I was feeling – I had no idea I could feel this good.”

Practicing ‘Start, Compete, Repeat’ is now Jason’s norm, encouraging his team to register and track their goals with the accountability system provided by the Challenge. “I use the Challenge as a way to keep my team inspired and it’s an awesome way to keep track of your progress,” he says. “This Challenge, I really stepped it up. Having abs in my 50s is something I never dreamed of but one of my greatest achievements since prioritising my health, is how much closer it has brought my family. My girls love exercising with me and there is nothing more valuable than knowing I’m being a healthy role model for my family.”

Perri Tregellas
Age: 44
Location: VIC, AU
Challenge Start Weight: 54.4 kgs
Challenge End Weight: 50.3 kgs
Total Challenges Completed: 7

After suffering a back injury during her last Challenge 18 months prior, Perri was reluctant to step out of her comfort zone. “I wanted to look, feel and BE stronger and leaner than ever,” she shares. “I registered for my sixth Challenge but, a few weeks into it, I realised I’d been playing it safe with my training. I was staying in my safe zone so I wouldn’t get hurt but I knew holding myself back meant I wouldn’t achieve the results I desired.”

Incorporating the AMPED™ range into her workouts, Perri began using positive affirmations during her training sessions to help her eliminate her fears and push past the negative emotions she was feeling. “I started training harder and pushing my limits each week,” she says. “Mindset was a huge part of this Challenge for me and when I realised I was setting myself up for failure by using negative language, I quickly changed that habit.”

As the weeks passed during her sixth Challenge, Perri’s body responded to her training and her new-found mindset powered her along the journey to her fittest, leanest and strongest self. “This Challenge was different for me because it taught me the power of mindset and gratitude,” she says. “I’m grateful that I can work out and inspire others daily and I have discovered an internal strength that I never knew existed.”