Goal setting is just the beginning of any journey whether it’s related to health and wellness or business building. However, finding the motivation to achieve what you desire is a crucial step because without it there’s very little passion and desire fuelling your drive. Remember that motivation is a cycle, so if your motivation comes and goes you’re certainly not alone. Motivation can be hard to come by for some people but that doesn’t mean you’ll never find it, all you might need is a little help knowing where to find your source of motivation.

Do you know who or what to look to for inspiration when the need for motivation comes around? Everyone has different perceptions and ideas of motivation, but they all fall into two categories, intrinsic or extrinsic.

Intrinsic Motivation

This is for all the self-starters out there who find their motivation from within. Intrinsic motivators do and achieve things simply because they want to. They don’t have any perceived reward, incentive or pressure for doing what they’re doing, only because it’s the right thing to do. People who prefer autonomy and control, as well as a burning desire to be the best and succeed, are the ones who typically use intrinsic motivation to kickstart their path to health and wellness or business success. If this sounds like you, commit to your goals, share them, write them down or put them on a vision board and look to find your motivation from within and use it to reach your IsaLife™.

Extrinsic Motivation

Who doesn’t like being rewarded for their effort and hard work? While many people transform their lives because it’s what they desire. There’s often people, events and rewards that light the fire and keep the flame alight over the course of a journey.

Many people aim to be the best version of themselves, but this version is quite often shaped by someone you believe to be living the IsaLife. Why not use your role model as a motivational tool to help you become the best version of you?

It doesn’t have to be just one individual. You can receive incredible support from groups and communities who are also searching for fuel to power their journey. Isagenix® Customers and Associates are lucky enough to have thousands of supporters in the IsaBody Challenge® ANZ Facebook group or the Isagenix Business ANZ Facebook group at their disposal to conquer any health or business-related goals they have!

Why not put a prize on your performance? Even though you’re striving to better yourself sometimes an incentive or reward helps take your mind off the daily grind. The IsaBody Challenge is a fun and rewarding incentive to help you rediscover your ‘why’ and win some cool prizes in the process.

There’s no rule book on motivation. What inspires you and what inspires a friend or family member may be entirely different. However, it does help to know where to look for your motivation. Whether it’s a fire burning within or from your surroundings, be sure to channel anything you can find to give yourself the best chance of achieving and living your IsaLife!