Dr. Varady

Dr. Varady

Just a year ago, a University of Illinois at Chicago College of Applied Sciences study comparing weight lost using Isagenix® versus a “heart-healthy” diet won a prestigious award from the American Society of Nutrition. The study was lead by Dr. Krista Varady, Ph.D., an Associate Professor and researcher at UIC. She’s contributed to more than 40 peer-reviewed publications and been featured on television, in print and in person as an authority on intermittent fasting for weight loss.

The long-term goal of her research program is to “test the ability of novel dietary restriction strategies to facilitate weight loss and decrease cardiovascular risk in obese populations.” One of Dr. Varady’s studies compared subjects using an Isagenix system to subjects following a standard “heart-healthy” diet.

The Results

The 10-week study demonstrated clear, clinical validation for using an Isagenix system. By the numbers, the results look like this:

■ Isagenix users had an average of 56% greater reduction in body weight.
■ Isagenix users averaged a 47% greater reduction in body fat.
■ Isagenix users had more than twice the reduction of visceral fat than their “heart-  healthy” counterparts.
■ Isagenix users had a 35% greater reduction in oxidative stress.


MRI Scans Show Visceral Fat in a Study Participant Before (fig. A) and After (fig. B) Using Isagenix Products

Intangible, but equally important, Dr. Varady observed that the participants using Isagenix “seemed to adhere [to the system] better because of the convenience factor of the Isagenix system.” They found there were less dishes to wash, there wasn’t that much prep involved and the Isagenix system is portable. “Those are actually really important things,” observed Dr. Varady. “If a diet is hard to do, people aren’t going to do it for very long.” She also noticed that “Isagenix people just seemed happier” and they didn’t feel motivated to binge because “they really did find the shakes quite filling.”

For more details on the study results and methodology view our full Clinical Research Summary. A simpler summary of the research is available in our comparison flyer.

The Accolades

Dr. Varady’s study has been published in two prestigious, high-profile, peer-reviewed publications, Nutrition Journal and Nutrition & Metabolism. It was selected for an oral presentation at the American Society for Nutrition’s (ASN) 2013 annual meeting at the Experimental Biology Conference. Last, but far from least, the study’s abstract won the ASN obesity research interest section abstract competition. Only five abstracts were recognised as winners in a competitive field of more than 100 studies.

If you’re not familiar with academic research protocols, you can learn more about why Dr. Varady’s study was well-designed, ethical and scientifically-sound from Dr. Nick Messina.